Computerized POS

To manage is an art to manage pos is otech

In the past, each retailer used a simple cash register that the performed basic functions of registering sales and receiving payment. Recent years have seen significant development of computerized cash registers, and they now actually run the POS. Thanks to advanced technology, the smart computerized cash register incorporates several functions, thus contributing to efficient, profitable management of activity. Computerized cash registers connect to the business management software, store the data over time, and enable data analysis and tracking of parameters such as inventory, sales, HR management, and more. This tracking is vital in enabling the business owner to locate problems and solve them quickly.

The capabilities of computerized cash registers include: Registering receipts, monitoring employee attendance, managing inventory, managing customer clubs, improving customer service, strengthening the loyalty of regular customers, and more.

Computerized cash registers serve both individual POS and large retail chains.

Otech Power POS is a smart, user-friendly computerized cash register developed using the smartest technological tools.Otech Power POS is used successfully in thousands of businesses in Israel and worldwide.

Among the applications of the software:

  • Managing and updating orders and sales
  • Managing customer clubs and sales campaigns
  • Managing local and network inventory
  • Monitoring employees including time clock and performance reports
  • Chat for chain management and employees
  • Mini back office
  • Smart reports

Wireless computerized cash register

The introduction of advanced technology enabled has another breakthrough thanks to which you can benefit from a smart cash register installed on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, as a proper application. You may thus manage the business from any location, at any time, at the utmost convenience. Otech Web is a wireless cash register that enables connecting to the computerized cash register via the internet, anywhere, anytime, with a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, Otech Web was developed with state of the art technology, is totally secured, easy to use and, most of all, available at all times.

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