How do you choose a computerized POS for your business?


Guide to choosing a Computerized Cash Register / Point of Sale for your business

Have you opened a new business? A new point of sale? Or have you decided to upgrade the computer infrastructure in your existing business?

You must be sure to select the appropriate computerized POS!


The computerized POS is the heart of your business operations; the tool for management, command and control at the point of sale, and it will determine what your business will look like!


What is the computerized Point of Sale composed of?

From the hardware – the cash register itself, as well as the software – which is assimilated into the register itself and includes the most important functions for managing the sales of the entire store.

You can purchase the hardware and software together, or each component separately.


What is it necessary to check when purchasing the hardware?

·         Is it possible to install in it the software that we have chosen?

·         Is the equipment reliable?

·         Is there a warranty for the hardware, or service at the client’s premises?


When purchasing the software, which is more complex, one must examine the following points:

·         Is the software user-friendly and easy to operate?

·         Does it contain all the basic necessary functions as well as more advanced functions?

·         Is this software dedicated to the industry in which I work?

·         Who developed the software and what is his experience in the specific field?

·         What does the provider’s service package contain?


There are so many types of computerized POS software. . . where to start and how to choose?


Seeing it first hand – First of all, scheduling a demonstration meeting and testing the software in practice: how easy is it to operate? does it contain the basic necessary functions such as sale to the customer, invoices, crediting, orders, inventory management, campaigns, loyalty program, managing inventory in accordance with the requirements of my business, reports and so on??


Studying it – examining the basic functions in depth. For example, does the inventory management function allow for the analysis of which products have been sold more, and which have sold less? what was the selling price and what was the profit on each item? Is it worthwhile preparing a sales promotion? This data can be the foundation of your marketing strategy, as long as it is clear, accessible and available!!


Looking for added value – exploring whether, beyond the basic functions, the program has added values that will make your business management much more effective and will lead you to excellent achievements. What are added values?

For example, SMS system for customers.


Reviewing the parentage – doing your homework and finding what entity stands behind the development of the software; how long they have been active in the market; and what is their field of expertise. It is highly recommended to also speak with the company’s customers and ask them for their opinion.

Most important: service, service, service – when a fault arises in a computerized POS, you will be unable to conduct business, and are likely to sustain real financial loss. Therefore, it is important to receive a ‘service charter’ for both the software and the hardware; check the service hours, and within what time period they guarantee to handle a service call. Make sure the service they guarantee will be professional, prompt and courteous.


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Good luck!