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Whether you are wholesalers, importers or retail chain owners, OTECH CONTROL, OTECH’s business management software will take you a few steps ahead of everyone else.

OTECH CONTROL will create an open correspondence between headoffice and all pionts of sale, this will enable you to fully control and monitor the activities in all departments and develop more efficient and profitable management.

At any given time and from any place around the world, you will be able to manage your cash flow, conduct ongoing communications with customers and stay on top of all that is required in order to best operate in a competitive environment – inventory levels in warehouses and each branch, item production costs, “star” employees and who needs to improve.

OTECH CONTROL is implemented in hundreds of businesses nationwide and around the world, offering various and diverse applications, specifically adapted to the needs of each and every client:

  • Loyalty program management
  • Inventory management
  • Bill of materials
  • HR management
  • Cash flow management
  • Supply chain management

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OTECH ON LINE – Keeping track, 24/7 – In a live and active business, constant changes in data do not allow you to stay behind. For current updates about your business, in real time and from anywhere around the world, you need the OTECH ON LINE system, which synchronizes with your OTECH CONTROL business management software.

SMART AGENT – Today, the office comes to agent, not the agent to the office. SMART AGENT is a mobile system for sales managers, enabling advanced management from the field. The world has progressed. Gone are the days in which the sales agent in the field calls in to find out the order forecast, inventory availability, waits to be answered, waits to be transferred to the clerk who checks with the warehouse coordinator and who checks to see if he remembered to take a hard copy of a price list…

OTECH CLOUD – Somewhere over the rainbow. – Whether you are running a small, medium sized or big business, you can computerize it with no special effort: without purchasing computer systems and servers and without worrying about ongoing equipment management and maintenance – all thanks to the innovative cloud technology leading computer development around the world.

OTECH MOBILE – From the moment you wake up and until you go to sleep, you are hooked to your mobile phone – reading e-mails, getting world updates, seeing new pictures that your friends have posted – so why not try to run your business too?

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